Advertising budget of companies on leaderboard

Promote your online business to get better traffic at it without going over budget. If you have set apart a fixed budget for advertising your website then make sure that a good percentage of that budget is used for the leaderboard. This is because using the leaderboard banner ads would help you to get better return on investment. Most of the companies that advertise their products and services online denote 40% of the advertising budget on leaderboard ad.

Leaderboard ads are considered effective and are more popular because they are visible to everyone and catch attention easily. They are display ads that are published on another related website. The ad is just like a banner that is placed on the top of the web page so that it enjoys a prominent place and catches everyone’s attention. If you are buying the leaderboard ad unit then you need to make sure that it is designed well. You can use graphics and text and make it contextual so that you can draw better quality traffic through it easily. For instance, if you want US web traffic then we can place your leaderboard adunit on the US based website and help you to get good traffic.