728×90, most cost effective banner advertising solution

728×90 banner ads are very popular with the advertisers and are preferred by them as it is one of the most cost effective banner advertising solutions. Most people keep 40% of their advertisement budget for this banner ad which is also called as leaderboard ad. The reason for its popularity is that it is a display ad which is visible to people and enjoys a prominent place on the publisher’s website. The banner ad size is 728×90 and is displayed across the page, just below the website’s name.

When you buy 728×90 traffic then you are able to bring in more traffic at your website and promote it better. They are very efficient and are considered to be cost effective which helps you to promote it better. If you want to get relevant traffic then you can buy contextual banner which helps you to get better business. For instance if you want to get US web traffic then you need to promote your website on US based website only. So your banner ad should be placed on the relevant website and it bring in better quality traffic. The 728×90 banner ads are noticed by the site visitors easily and they get to know about your website through it.