160×600 size banner ads @ $0.40 per 1000 views

160×600 size banner ads are also called as skyscraper ads which are placed on the side of the page and are very popular with the advertiser. It is very effective in promoting the website and helps you to get a good traffic easily. You can buy the 160×600 size banner ads through us and we can help you to get 1000 views at just $0.40. This helps you to bring in more quality traffic at your website and promote it better. When you buy the 160×600 banner ads through us then we first design your ad and identify the target consumers. The ads are then published on related websites so that your target consumers can notice it easily.

When you get 1000 views through the banner ads then you just need to pay $0.40 for those 1000 visitors at your website. This is very nominal amount and makes your website more popular. The banner ads are noticed by the target consumers as they have graphics and images. We can help you to make the banner ads more attractive and publish them on the relevant website so that you can enjoy better click through rates and promote it better so that you get more traffic.