What is pre roll and post roll ads?

Advertising industry is coming up new and innovative ideas to reach the customer. Desktop advertising is the new way of advertising in which the user’s browser history is checked for the keywords using data mining technique and ads are displayed.

Online video is a booming presence on newspaper. Ads that appear before video is called pre roll ads and the ad s that comes after video is called post role ads. Here the viewer must watch the ad for either fifteen or thirty minutes. Pre roll and post roll ads are dominating the world of virtual advertising. The discrepancy between advertisers’ high use of pre-roll and the actual consumer engagement suggests that a change with the status quo is necessary.

Adding pre roll or post roll video is really a innovative way of advertisement. Here you can import video into Microsoft Movie Maker or another movie editing software and add a title and credits to the video. But do not forget to add the main URLs in the title. Doing so will ensure the viewer sees your URL in the beginning title, in the middle during the annotation and during the ending credits.