What is Free Directory Submission?

Directory submission is related to online marketing and is a tool that helps online businesses to get better traffic at their site. In free directory submissions, the website owners submit their website link with the directories for free. They create links for their site and submit it with the free directories. The link is then visible to people who visit the free directory and if they find it useful then they may click on it and get to your site. The directories that maintain these links list them out according to their categories. The website owners who opt for the free directory submission are also able to create back links which can help them improve their search engine page ranking. The search engine page spiders consider the back links and take them into account when ranking the different websites. So the free directory submission enables you to get better traffic at your site and allows your site to be noticed by the web crawlers or spiders. So if you want to enjoy the benefits attached with the free directory submission then you can contact an online media company which can help you with the same. They would make sure that your link is approved by the managers at the directory submission sites so that you can promote your site better.