What is CPM campaign?

CPM is a very popular pricing model as it is economical and has a good success rate. The term CPM means Cost per mille. Mille means thousand so this model refers to cost per thousand impressions. As per this model you pay a fixed amount to the advertiser for every 1000 views. The publisher publishes your advertisement on his page. The visitors who come to his website gets to see the ad. So you have to pay for every 1000 visitor who views your ad. The amount is generally very low which makes the online ad campaign cost effective.

If you wish to use CPM model then you can look for packages that are offered by the various website. We have different types of packages for our clients and you can view them to know about the best deal. As per our packages you may have to pay just $0.001 for per view. We publish your ad with good networks so that you can get more traffic. If you want quality traffic then we use targeted ads which are published on the relevant network and work more effectively. You can contact us to learn more about these pricing model and the packages we offer.