What is contextual targeting?

Contextual targeting refers to the online advertisements that are linked with particular keywords or with URL. They are considered to be highly efficient and are popularly used by the online business owners who are able to get good quality traffic through the contextual ads.

In case of contextual targeting ads, the ads that appear on the user’s screen are triggered by a particular keyword or URL. This implies that when the user uses the search engine to look for a particular thing then the keywords entered by him initiate the contextual ad. The ads in this case are related to what the user is searching for and is useful to him. For instance, if someone is looking for good hotel deals then the contextual ad that comes up on his screen is related to it. The chances of the user clicking on the ad is quite high in this case and helps the advertiser to divert quality target traffic to his own site.

There are different kinds of contextual ads available to the advertiser and he can choose the one that appeal to him. The common contextual targeting ads include popunder ads, banner ads, and sponsored ads and so on. The popunder ads are considered to be most efficient and are commonly used by different websites.