US web traffic hits help site rankings

The site ranking is based on the number of clicks in the website and the exploration of web site by the customers. The website owners can use analytical tool for the analysis of the clicks and impressions. The provides the necessary links to most of the customers. The hits in the ad units provided by the advertising agents direct the traffic to the site. The ad units are linked to other site links and more number of clicks indicates that more number of people entering the site. Different search engines provide different criterion for the evaluation of the site. Based on this evaluation the site is given a rank. Google and Alexa is the most used search engines with famous listings. With the quality of service and maintenance of the customers by the US web traffic, it guarantees the improvement of the site ranking. The new users are recommended to use the US Traffic website for the contextual ads in the form of popups, popunders, and simple text ads, email marketing through subscription of websites links and updates. The traffic can be directed based on the geographical areas as well. For instance, if the site is in Chinese language, the target would be people who know Chinese and China is targeted.