US Popunder traffic creative types, full page and others custom adunits

Popunders are advertising windows which appear on the screen of the user once the current window is closed. Popunder advertising in the website USWebTraffic starts at $3 providing the customers with a variety of options on size of the popunder and targeting options. The adunits include a full page and other custom sizes which one can use to their creativity and attract more customers in terms of traffic to their site. The user can now choose from the options to have a full screen popunder or have a shorter window. The custom sizes include 800 X 300, 160 X 600 and 300 X 250. The user needs to provide targeting options such as frequency capping, keyword targeting and many more. The Company provides the user with options on targeting such as daily delivery capping technique, traffic day parting, State and city targeting, Geo targeting, URL targeting and re-targeting. Based on the options provided by the user, the popunder is designed to work in a unique way to attract traffic. Pictures of JPEG, SWF, GIF formats can be included in the popunders for more attractive designs. Using the unique option of state and city traffic targeting, the USWebTraffic uses the advertising network in the state and city to direct the traffic to the website.