US Banners – best converting ads for Download campaigns

If you are downloading software from downloading sites like CNET, Download dot com, you would have noticed several screenshots of the software to assist the user in deciding which software they want. By clicking on the image, you might get directed to another site for download. These images are considered banners. Most of the downloading campaigns use banners to convert their ads. Download of torrent files is a very good example to show how effective banners are in converting ads. Position of the banners also a conversion factor. Customers gets their immediate attention to the screen shots as they want to know whether that software is exactly what they need, before they actually download it. There are several applications on the net that one can use to make effective download campaigns. The banners are otherwise known as posters, can also be designed to make the campaign more effective. Flash files in the format of .swf are used to create effective banners which contain videos as well. Banners not only have pictures and graphics but also can contain text. With low investment in this type of marketing and guaranteed returns of higher income, more and more companies are opting for banner ads to convert their business.