Track your website traffic campaigns with google analytics tools

Looking for a way to track your traffic campaign? Here is the best way. Google Analytics Tool is used for this purpose. The Enterprise Class has been released lately to provide the users with the improved features in analyzing the web site traffic. The tool is designed in a way that one need not be a specialist to work on it. It provides reports on the total number of clicks and impressions with different scenarios to give the enhanced picture of the website performance. It is now integrated with the AdSense and AdWord by Google and gives the user an insight into amount of income these advertisements can bring up. This is known as e-commerce reporting. One can optimize the performance of the AdSense and AdWord by providing reports on which content would provide most of the revenue and depending on that the user can change the keywords, search queries and match type to suit the needs of the user. By analyzing what the users are looking for one can concentrate more on the how to improve the website to generate more traffic. The tool provides the necessary information. Tracking of email campaigns and banner advertisements are made easy with this tool. Offline advertisements can also be track with Google analytics.