Should we advertise on Yahoo home page?

Advertising on yahoo home page can be an effective way to reach out to the target consumers and get better traffic at your website. Yahoo homepage receives a good amount of traffic everyday and when you advertise your website on it then you can divert some of that traffic at your site as well. This is why many people prefer to advertise on yahoo home page and find it to be very efficient. Different kinds of advertisement can be linked with the yahoo home page. The advertiser can choose display ads, expandable ads, popunder ads and opt for other options so that the ad is noticed by the visitors. They are likely to click on the ad which is of their interest and appeals to them. So if your ad on the yahoo home page is of their interest then they may click on it and this way you are able to get good traffic at your site. In order to get your advertisement on yahoo and to get good traffic through the homepage you need to make sure that the ad is visually appealing. You can contact which can help you design the ad and make sure that your campaign is successful.