Remnant Popunder Traffic

Remnant traffic is a common term which exists in all kind of media. The term remnant means remaining and refers to the unsold popunder traffic that is available to the advertisers. The remnant popunder traffic in terms on online advertisement refers to the space or the popunder which are available to the buyers. They are the non-premium advertisement that may not be as effective as the premium ads.

The premium ads are the ones that are considered to be highly effective and can divert best quality traffic. These are the ads that are sold at high prices. The remnant popunder traffics are not as effective as the premium ad and therefore they are available at a lower price. It is apt for advertisers who have a very limited budget and would still like to reach out to the target clients.

Most of the companies that sell the remnant popunder traffic the advert offer a good discount on the remaining media space. The remnant popunder ads may not be as effective in getting good traffic to your site this is why they are available for low rice. Apart from popunder ads, one can also get other kinds of remnant contextual ads that can be used to advertise one’s site.