Premium ad unit 728×90

The 728×90 banner ads are considered to be premium ad units as they get a better exposure and are able to promote your website better. These banner ads are called as leaderboard ads and have a standard dimension of 728×90, the former being the width of the web page. They are placed just below the website’s name and above the page content. This is noticed by the visitors easily and helps them to learn about your webpage. This is why these ads are also called as premium ad unit.

If you wish to make sure that your banner ads are efficient and you get better traffic through it then you can buy contextual banner ads. In this kind of campaign, the ads would be placed on the relevant website so that you can draw traffic from there. For instance, if your website is about hair styles and fashion then it can be placed on a lifestyle website or blog. The people who visit those sites would notice the ads and may click on it which would take them to the advertised website. If you need traffic from a specific area then we can help you with it so that you can easily buy US web traffic and promote your website to the relevant people.