Popups have been revolution for the Advertising industry

Popups are quite popular and are considered to be a revolution for the online advertising industry. It is a kind of display ad but is more prominent and seeks the user’s attention immediately. In the popup ads, the advertisement appears on the screen over the page the user is browsing through. So it was noticed by the user and helped in promoting the website. it completely revolutionized the advertising industry and gained popularity with the advertisers. But the advertising tool also has a drawback. It interrupts the user from what he is doing and is therefore considered to be annoying. People use popup blockers now so that they do not have to deal with such interruptions. If you wish to use such ads then you can opt for popunder advertising which is similar to popup but are far better. The ad window in the popunder advertisement appears beneath the user’s browser window and therefore the user is not interrupted. He is still able to see the advertisement when he closes his browser and notices the ad. The online business owners can contact a good online media company that can help them design their popup ads or their popunder ad campaign.