How do you define Organic Traffic (often referred as SEO Traffic)

Organic traffic refers to the number of the visitors who visit your website without any promotion. The natural traffic or visitors who come to your site directly are what we call SEO traffic. This means that when a web user is searching for a topic or keyword then he searches for it through search engines. The search engine directs him to the various websites related to his search. So when you get such traffic then it is called as organic traffic. Such traffic is not sent through advertisement but directly through the search engines and are thus natural traffic. They are relevant to the user’s search and is thus more useful for him.

Organic traffic is also referred to as direct traffic as they are directed to the website directly without any advertisement. So if you want to receive organic traffic at your website then you need to get your website designed effectively. For instance, you can use content writing services wherein you can use relevant keyword that helps with search engine optimization. the pay per click traffic and other such traffic are paid traffic and they are not categorized under organic traffic. To know more about organic traffic keep checking this place.