Leader board banner ads

Leader board banner ads are very popular with the advertisers who can use it to get more traffic at their website. It is a display ad which is quite prominent to the visitor. It is generally placed between the title of the page and the content below. This catches everyone’s attention and is therefore very effective in promoting the website better. The standard dimension of the leader banner ads is 728×90 which covers the width of the webpage. You can make your ad more attractive as that would help you to enjoy a better click through rate and promote the ad well.

Banner ads are very popular with advertisers and are a part of indirect advertising where a publisher allows you to use his space to promote your own website. You can buy the relevant banner ad traffic through us and make the ad campaign successful. For the success of your online business, it is important to promote it well and use the right traffic source. When you buy relevant US web traffic through us then we design your banner ads and help you to place them on the relevant site so that you can promote it well. It helps you to get quality traffic and get better business.