How should we prevent Click frauds with CPC Ads

Click frauds are associated with the PPC advertisement campaign and can turn out to be very bad for the advertised website. In a PPC campaign the cost per click module is used. Under this the advertised website needs to pay a certain amount to the advertiser whenever someone clicks on the ad and is directed to the advertised site. The click frauds are now being used by the advertiser wherein they install a particular that clicks on the ad automatically. This allows the advertiser to earn more but does nothing for the advertised website. The click frauds can show high visitors and click rates but the reality is that the advertised website does not receive any real visitors in such case.

It is difficult to determine or prove click frauds. In order to avoid it you can choose a reliable US web traffic solutions provider who may be able to provide you with better solutions. Choosing CPC ads campaign with cookie is better as that ways you can identify the IP address of each individual who visits your website and understand if the click is software generated or was done by a human. Some of the advertisers are also opting for the Cost per action module which is safer than the CPC ads.