How effective is Popunder advertising with branding?

Popunders are small windows which appear behind the current screen that the user is browsing. Popunders are more effective as they do not intrude in the user’s interest in viewing the contents of the page. When the viewer closes the current window, the popunder would get displayed showing the advertisements. When the user sees a window of a branded website, the attention would be keen on it.Few of the branded companies showing relevant ad links in the popunder window are Yahoo, NYTimes, TripAdvisor, Orbitz and many more. It is one of the cheapest methods of advertising with efficiency. In the World Wide Web, 70% of the US based web stores target the US audience. There are so many companies available online that can provide service in terms of making popunders for websites to increase traffic. They take reasonable amount for rendering this service. When the user is making a search on the Google, based on the keywords specified by the user, the popunder is displayed matching the user category. Once the pop under is clicked, the user is linked to the website. In this manner one can utilize brand name with pop under facility and increase the network traffic.