Google ranks boosted with banner cpc web traffic

Advertisements in the form of Image are known to be banner ads. Earlier when a website is using Google ads for revenue generation, the banner advertisements were used to showcase the Brand of the product and increase awareness among the people about the product. But recently, Google has changed the perception to something different now. The banners are not considered useful if they are not clicked by the user. The intention of the user towards the product would not be clear. So, instead of generating revenue with the view of the banner, the revenue is generated only when the banner is clicked. The lesser number of clicks denotes less pay for Google, which in turn provides less income to the web site owners. Cost per click is a method using which the advertisers would have to pay to who click on the banner. This would increase the impression number of the website in the Google analytics which in turn increases the web traffic. As the web traffic is directly proportional to the ranking of the web site, the Google ranking would be high with higher number of impressions. This has proven to be one of the best strategies to attract mass traffic to the web site and increase revenue.