email marketing driving quality traffic

Electronic mails are important source of communication among the peers as they are fast and reliable. Marketing strategies include delivery of offers through emails. Newsletters and updates can be now subscribed through email. Email marketing can drive quality traffic as they target those who are interested in the particular content. USWebTraffic provides options to buy email traffic for the website. The greater the number of subscriptions more number of people log into the website increasing the traffic. USWebTraffic cost per thousand impressions start from $0.50 onwards. Exciting features include 150MM unique names while they update the names every month. Database consists of wide range of different reputed websites. There are above 80 major industry websites who opt in this kind of marketing strategy. Links to unsubscribe would make it easy for the customers to unsubscribe without getting annoyed. When a continuous stream of mails are sent to the customer even after removing the subscription, one would get annoyed and spread a word about the website saying not to subscribe. To avoid this and to maintain the websites reputation, the USWebTraffic service removes the unsubscribed links every day. The email database includes the following fields. First and last name of the customer, physical address, age and gender of the customer, timestamp, IP address of the system through which the customer is subscribing and ultimately the source.