Banner Popups Vs Full page popups

Banner popups refer to the popup ads which are just like banner ads but open in a separate page. They have a standard size and do not cover the entire desktop space. On the contrary the full page popups are full sized ads that spread over the entire screen and is noticed by the advertisers. Both these kinds of popup advertisements are used by the advertisers in promoting their brand and help them to bring in good traffic. Both these ads have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance the full page ads are noticed by the target clients easily but they may also find it too be annoying as it may be interfering in their work. The banner ads are smaller and may not be noticed as easily but since they only claim a section of the user’s screen it may not be as annoying. If someone is looking forward to promote his website with the popup ads but has a limited budget then he can use banner popups. Whatever popup ads you choose, it is important to make sure that it is designed efficiently and is appealing. You can contact an online media company to design your popup ads or can buy the relevant traffic from them easily.