Banner / Popunder — Cheapest US Web traffic sources

Banners and popunders are proving to be the cheapest source of US Web Traffic. USWebTraffic website provides experts analyses on how banners and popunders can increase your sales. Banners take a part of the webpage where as popunders can occupy the complete page. There are various specifications that one can choose from. The cost of the banner is based on the size and creativity of the design. There are several custom sizes available on the website that one can choose from. Pictures and graphics can also be included in the banners and the popunders. The targeting options provided by the USWebTraffic for the design of banner and popunder is amazing and make the banner more unique to serve the source. Advertising using Adwords of Google can also be effective but is a very expensive affair. It can cost up to $250 dollars with a maintenance cost of $99 dollars every month. Compared to this popunders and banners are cheaper and more effective as they contain visually attractive elements. Then one can ask why not popups as they also attract with pictures and graphics. Yes, popups are also advertising windows with attractive pictures and graphics and also affordable like popunders and banners. But popups can be sometimes annoying to the customers as they intrude in the customer’s attention by getting displayed in front of the screen. Many browsers now have popup blockers to avoid popups.