Adware, are they similar to Malware – what’s the difference

Adware and Malware are very different in terms of their use and purpose. Malware is basically malicious software which contains software and different kinds of infectors that can harm the data that is their in your computer. It can make your computer hang and can create hindrances. On the other hand, adware is ad software which displays particular ads to the consumers. Both Malware and adware are attached with the files that are downloaded from the internet. But they have different purpose. Malware is malicious and is may be used by some people to corrupt someone else’s data. It is best to avoid this as it can harm the computer and you loose all the data that is there in it.

Adware on the other hand are special software that monitors an individual’s browsing pattern. It observes the websites the individual visits, the things he buys online and the keywords he searches for. The report is then given to the advertisers who are able to use this information to identify their target consumers. The software also advertises relevant ads to the consumers so that they can know about a particular site and the products and services. It is thus a special marketing tool that helps the advertisers to reach out to the target clients and get better traffic at their website.