Advertising options for driving quick traffic

Some would consider having text ads on their websites rather than banners and pictures. Driving web traffic with the help of text ads are much cheaper than any other kind of advertising. There are several options pertaining to the design of the text ads. The adunit section has the specifications which include title, description and URL. Title should be within 50 characters. The description of the ad can cover up to 250 words and the link to the website which is known as URL can be 400 characters in length. One can include a small display or logo to link to the actual website. The targeting options include keyword traffic which means that when the user provides the keyword in the search, based on the keywords the text ads are being displayed. This is known as contextual ads connecting to the customer’s interests.

Targeted advertising is the best option to get the good page rank in your site. There are several different types of traffic sources to choose from, all claim to be targeted, some are scams and some can lead to massive amounts of targeted website traffic if you use them correctly.