Adsense – one of the biggest contextual traffic sources

Google earns most of its revenue from the Adsense and AdWord programs. AdSense is considered one of the most commonly used traffic sources on the web. Adsense provides the contextual listing of the advertisements to the user. With the use of Adsense, the user is taken to the page that he desires to explore. The contextual traffic is a network of ads linked together. With the help of several programs online, one can choose to improve the website traffic with the help of contextual advertisements. The traffic of the website is also determined by the depth of search in that website. By using Adsense and contextual traffic method, one can network the ads in a way that when the user clicks the advertisement, it takes the user to the product and relevant information desired. Data mining technique is being used to make use of the method and find keywords for contextual linking of ads. This is one of the perfect ways to increase sales of the products online and at the same time earn from the linked network of contextual advertising with AdSense program. Websites without any contents on the page cannot participate in the Google AdSense and hence cannot generate contextual traffic in their web pages. The user would not intend to give repeated visits to pages without content.