What is Skim Traffic and skim settings?

Adult websites can get more traffic at their website easily by using skim traffic packages. In this, the website is advertised on a publisher’s website. It is in the form of thumbnail or text and may show something else. But when the user clicks on the thumbnail or text then he is directed to an adult website instead of the one that was advertised. This is a good way to bring in traffic at your website and promote it well. Skim setting means skim percentage. For instance, if you set it as 25 % then if 100 visitors click on the thumbnail or text then 25 are sent to your website.

Skim traffic is generally used in adult website where the advertised link or thumbnail opens a content gallery or an adult site. If you want to bring in skim traffic then you can buy the relevant package through us. It would help you to promote your online business and get more traffic. When the ad campaign is designed well then you can convert that traffic into potential easily as well. You can contact us to understand more about skim traffic and we can help you to design the ad so that you can benefit more.