What is CPL campaign?

The term CPL is popularly used in online advertising campaign and refers to the pricing model. When you buy an advertising package then it is dependent on a pricing model. Some of the common models are Cost per click, Cost per action and cost per lead. If you want to get targeted traffic at your website then you can buy CPL campaign which means cost per lead. As per this pricing model, you advertise your website and need to pay to the publisher only if you get a lead through his website. When people view the ad and sign up for the advertiser’s website then as an advertiser, you get a lead. Only people who are interested in your products and services sign up for the newsletter. So this helps you to get a lead and you can convert the lead into potential consumers.

If you need to advertise to get more business but don’t want to waste your advertising resources then you can use CPL campaign. It is cost effective and it can help you to get quality traffic and build your own database. We can design your ad campaign more effectively and use the best resources to bring in good leads for promoting your online business.