Viral marketing growing with strong social networking

The concept of viral marketing has become popular with the advertisers and is growing with the popularity of social networking. The advertisers are using word of mouth as a tool to reach out to the potential consumers on social networking sites. As per this technique the advertisers create an advertisement or post a link on the social networking page. The interested people can visit the link and if they like it then they can share it with their network and promote it through text messages or through word of mouth. The whole process is termed as viral marketing and is directly linked with social networking.

The concept of using viral marketing for promoting one’s brand existed before the computer era but it has grown significantly with the growth of social networking. The advertisers are able to define their target consumers through the social networking and then create brand awareness through it. The networking sites can help in promoting your advertisement campaign and can make it very successful. Some of the tools that are used in this kind of marketing include customer participation, use of reward program, polling programs and so on. Earlier the marketing tool was used by mobile networks, radio and TV but now with the social networking, it has become very effective and convenient.

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