Video Banner Advertising

At times, you might have come across banner ads which are extensively used by the advertisers to promote a particular website. The simple banner ads use text and graphics to catch the user’s attention to the ad. But nowadays, the advertisers are using videos in the ads as well. Such advertisements are termed as video banner advertising.

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words and therefore a moving picture would surely have a better impact. The rule has been employed by the advertisers who use the video banner ads to catch people’s attention and to divert traffic to their own website. The advertisement is embedded in a related website so that they user visiting that site may notice the ad there. When any user clicks on the ad then he is taken to the advertised website. This works for the advertiser as it helps him to get good traffic. The website that advertises the video banner ads also finds it useful as it is able to generate revenue through it. Whenever the user clicks on the video banner ad, the site carrying it earns fixed revenue.

Video banner advertising is an efficient way to get traffic to one’s site. It makes use of videos and sounds to reach out to the target consumers and is therefore effective as well.