Video Banner ads – innovative advertising in Online media

If you own a site with the instructions on what to and how to do thing, then video banners is the best way to advertise. In this method the banners would include video elements and the customers get attracted by the sound in the video. The easiest way to understand how this works is to open a hot mail home page. When the page appears it contains a video section. A small portion of the left or right side of the web page contains a flash file. The news and other videos are played and the customer’s attention is attracted. Most of the media companies use this kind of advertising in increasing their sales pitch and bringing more subscriptions to the websites. This increases the website traffic to a greater extent. Broadcasting websites and other websites use this kind of advertising. One can see you tube videos added to the banner. The world of technology and advancements are increasing day by day. When I own a site I would not miss out on this innovative way of marketing my products and improving my brand name. There is a higher probability of catching viewer’s attention and increasing the web site traffic.