US Online Marketing – PPC Vs Banner clicks

The choice of type of advertising is based on the website user. Another factor determining the choice of the type of advertising is the target audience. When the target audience would like to have information or searching for content adwords would be feasible where as banners can be used to attract the customers who would like to buy products. Display of the product images in the banners would help. Both pay per click ads as well as banner ads would generate income but there are differences that need to be looked upon. The pay per click ads are the one listed in the Adwords of Google page. It can be optimized with the change of keyword where as banner ads cannot be change easily. Banners are graphical display of images to attract the customers. It works on cost per impression technique. Only when the banner is clicked, the advertisement is activated. In PPC ads, one can bid on the how much they can spend for clicks on specific words and phrases. Google Adwords have a lower limit of $1. A banner ad gets displayed irrespective of whether the keyword is matching the content of the ad. This would lessen the chances of getting traffic as the content is not relevant to the user’s interest. Some customers avoid banners as they are looking for content on page.