With the advancement in the technology involving media, games are increasing in number. Video gaming industry is making a huge amount of money with the help of games. Games are available online and also for the download. Some web sites provide points for playing game in their sites. Advertising industry now has a separate section for the gaming advertisements online. By including game simulations in the banners is an effective way to attract the customers for online gaming. Since the games involve media, the advertisements in the form of text are not suitable for the video game industry. The specifications of the gaming ad units would differ from the normal ads for the products. Expanding banners and audio effects in the banners can attract more audience. The inclusion of the flash files in the banner and contextual display of the game banners can make a huge difference. The game advertising industry also encourages the concepts of cost per click and other strategies for the direction of web traffic to the desired sites. Changing screen shots in the banners make it more interesting. Video gaming industry is advancing in technology and development of products in improving experience of video gaming online.