Interstitial traffic

The term Interstitial means in between and in web world it means the web pages that open up before the request webpage opens. The people who click on the interstitial ads are taken to the advertised site and they are referred to as interstitial traffic. So if you want to promote your website through the interstitial traffic then you can invest in interstitial ads that can help you with it. Advertisement is important to promote one’s website and his products and services. So when you use the right kind of advertisement then you are able to reach out to your target consumers more conveniently. The ads used for drawing the interstitial traffic are full page ads that are generally delivered by the ad server. So if you want to promote your website to the target consumer then you can buy the interstitial traffic packages through good online media companies that provide with such services. They can design and create good interstitial ads and can place it with the good ad networks who can promote your website well enough. Using contextual interstitial ads would help you get better traffic and is preferred by most of the advertisers. It can help you to get quality traffic at your site and is considered to be more cost effective.