Incentive Cost per lead advertising

Cost per lead advertising is considered to be a incentive based advertising and is quite popular with the online advertisers. It if also a performance based advertising option where the advertiser needs to pay to the publisher only when he is able to provide good leads to them. This is why this model of advertising is termed as cost per lead advertising.

The leads are generally in the form of subscriptions or form. So when the user clicks on an ad then he is directed to another website. But this alone can not generate revenue for the publisher. So if the visitor subscribes to the newsletter or fills up the desired form then the publisher is able to generate revenue through the ad. This is how the cost per lead model works and is purely based on incentives. Using this affiliate marketing tool can help the advertisers to get more quality traffic at their site and is therefore preferred by most of them. The revenue for the cost per lead ad is also a little higher as compared to the other kinds of affiliate advertisements. If you wish to include this in your campaign then you can contact an online media company that can help you to get US web traffic at your site easily.