Incentive ads, banner Advertising

Different kinds of adverting options are available to the advertisers. Some of the popular choices include incentive ads and banner advertising which is popularly used by the website owners and helps them to get good traffic. The incentive ads refer to the module where the target consumers are given a certain incentive for surfing and clicking on different ads. The incentive can be in the form of money or in the form of reward points which can be exchanged for gifts. In this case the website can be advertised through advertisement, through games, puzzles or in other ways. They person gets to earn reward point for playing the game and he can accumulate and redeem it in exchange for gifts.

The banner advertising refers to the banners or ad boxes that appear on different website and is like a virtual banner. They are placed prominently on the webpage so that the visitor may notice it and click on it. The advertisers can make the banner ad colorful and attractive by adding graphics, videos and text to it. When the visitor clicks on the ad, he is directed to the advertised website and this allows you to get your target consumers. Thus these different modules can be included in your advertisement campaign and can help you to attract more consumers.