IAB Interactive Advertising Guidelines

The IAB interactive advertising guidelines refer to the guidelines meant for the Rich media ads. The rich media ads are referred to as interactive ads as it initiates user’s interactions. These guidelines are important for the advertisers and the ad agencies that wish to use interactive marketing to promote their website. They can use the guidelines which can help them to plan create, and design their online media ad effectively. The advertisers can use different kinds of interactive ads for advertising their website. This includes popunder interactive ads, expandable ads, and floating ads and so on. The IAB has given out the guidelines that define the size and other features for the different ads. So you need to refer to the guidelines that you may be able to create the advertisement effectively.

For instance, as per the guidelines the flash specific are defined as 18 frames per second. If you are using expandable ads then the initial file weight can e 40k while the additional file can weight 80k. The audio in rich media ads or interactive ads are user initiated. Similarly, the IAB provides you with other guidelines so that you can create your interactive ad according to it.