How does 728×90 video banner works?

728×90 banner ads are very popular in online advertising and helps you to get good traffic. You can use different elements to it and make it more appealing. You can also embed videos to the banner ad to make it more enjoyable and attractive. In case of a 728×90 video banner ad, the video is embedded in the ad which is then published on another website. When someone visits the website then the video starts playing and catching their attention. Since the 728×90 video banner ads are placed on the top of the publisher’s page, they are noticed by the visitors.

The video banner ads enjoy a good click through rate and are considered to be an effective traffic source. If you want to promote your website and bring in quality traffic then you can get these ads designed and place them on relevant network. You can buy the video banner ad traffic through us where we can design it and help you to get the right traffic through it. If you want traffic from a specific area then we can help you with that as well. You can buy US web traffic to get more of US traffic and promote your online business.