How does 728×90 floating ads work?

Catch your target consumer’s attention and bring in more traffic at your website easily with the help of 728×90 floating ads. As the name suggest, these ads float over the web page and are easily visible to the people who visit the particular website. The adunit is 728×90 and thus the name. It enjoys a good click through rate and is very effective in bringing in good traffic to your website. Many website use this in their advertising budget as they are able to enjoy better return on investment. For better click through rate it is also important that the ads are attractive. Using colorful graphics and text can help you to make it more appealing.

The floating ads are placed on another website and help you to get traffic from there. If you want better quality traffic or need US web traffic only then you need to place the ad on relevant network. We can help you to identify the right networks and help you to buy quality traffic for your website. It is important that the ads are designed well and placed on right networks as that can make your online ad campaign cost effective and promote it better.