Google Vs Facebook – in last decade

Google is a search engine while Facebook is a social networking site. The competition between the two is however quite strong and you can use them both for your advantage. Both these website are growing and provide users with different kind of features. The advertisers can also use it for their own benefit and find different kinds of marketing tools that can help them to advertise their company effectively. Both google and Facebook offer different means by which website owners can reach out to the target consumers and get good traffic at their own website

The battle between the two website is due to the fact that google, which has enjoyed being the web world leader for almost a decade is facing major competition from Facebook. Many of its advertisers are also turning to Facebook to get the Facebook traffic. If you want to use either of the website to advertise your brand but are confused then you need not worry. They both offer different kinds of marketing solution and you can get together with the expert at to decide which website would be able to advertise your site better. They both offer economical options and allow you to reach out to your target consumers.