Contextual advertising – Targeted US Web traffic

E-commerce is the study of how to generate income through the internet. Most of the US web sites are targeted on the website traffic for the revenue. Google has come up with a fabulous program to earn from the advertisements. There are two ways to generate revenue through ads. Either display the ads on the web page or provide ads to be displayed by other web sites to the Google. Through Google AdSense program, the advertisers gain a huge amount of revenue through contextual display of ads. There are several success stories showing the performance of their web sites through contextual advertising. Using Google Analytic tools one can examine the performance and check upon these ads. Since most of the products are available online users tend to have the comfort of sitting at home and adding the products to their cart. Bringing what they desire is the job of the contextual advertising.

Companies write ads in a way to attract the users, not just to view the brand display but to click on the ads to follow their venture. Attractive graphic banner displays and techniques in positioning of the advertisement section play a major role in determining the web site traffic.